Curly hair


This is drawing who I spend a lot of time on. I wanted to draw more curly hair. This is actually my first drawing of a living thing with curly hair as long as I can remember.

It was very fun to draw her with all the details and as you maybe can see I’ve used the white pencil here.

When I look at her eyes I feel like she is sad, but when I look at the hole face feel like she understand something.

I hope you like it!

Practise: Nose and Mouth


Here is drawing who took me about 5 minutes. It is just a practice drawing, but when you want to try to draw nose and mouth here is some tips.

I used a normal pencil but you can also use a pen, but be carefully and make a sketch before you use the pen. Try to study humans and animals at the details. that can make you understand more and maybe draw a little bit better.

when you want to draw more step for step or practice drawings, please comment.

I hope you like it!