Practise: octopus

This is new practise drawing and it’s now an octopus.

I’ve studied some creatures who lives in the sea and that teach me how to daw them to0. When you want to draw things better you can study the object you want to draw, like humans, animals and more.

I hope this inspires you.

Winter Queen


This is another digital drawing. I spend about 2 hours on it.

I use Wacom  too draw digital. I used a lot of different brushes here and it was funny.

It was hard to make the details in her face look a bit icy and frozen and I need to practice on it. The background was not very hard to draw but I really liked to draw it.

I hope you like it.


Curly hair


This is drawing who I spend a lot of time on. I wanted to draw more curly hair. This is actually my first drawing of a living thing with curly hair as long as I can remember.

It was very fun to draw her with all the details and as you maybe can see I’ve used the white pencil here.

When I look at her eyes I feel like she is sad, but when I look at the hole face feel like she understand something.

I hope you like it!

Practise: Nose and Mouth


Here is drawing who took me about 5 minutes. It is just a practice drawing, but when you want to try to draw nose and mouth here is some tips.

I used a normal pencil but you can also use a pen, but be carefully and make a sketch before you use the pen. Try to study humans and animals at the details. that can make you understand more and maybe draw a little bit better.

when you want to draw more step for step or practice drawings, please comment.

I hope you like it!


Neytiri 3/3


Here is the final result of my Neytiri drawing. It took me a long time to draw and it was a lot of details I had to draw.

Her hair was very hard to draw with the braids. I think I have learned a lot like how to draw  tiny braids and details at the lip.

This drawing will be the drawing of February. I hope I am done with Jyn Erso before the end of March.

I hope you like it!



This is my a drawing who just make me feel happy. I used a pen now to try a new style.

This drawing means a lot for me. The girl looks like she is thankfully and look in the directon where the paper plans fly. That means she look forward to better times.

I have a lot of drawing who should be drawn so I had not time to post any drawings on my blog.

I realy hope you like my drawing!!