The Soon will Come

This drawing means a lot for me because this is a problem we all know will happen. And we say like “no worry, it is a long time to egen it will happen” or “It will happen soon not now”!

As you see at the drawing it is a women who is in two parts, present and future. The left side is what who will happen one day, and right is now. The future is tearing at the present and one time it will not be any of the present we know. And we have to do something with it.

It was kind of sad and good to draw this drawing because of all the thoughts behind it. Like why aren’t the world leaders doing any thing or why dont we stop it. 

I hope this post inspired you to do more.

2 thoughts on “The Soon will Come

  1. Hi Tir. Another great drawing and one that will make people think a lot when they see it. Even though you are young you see and understand a lot about the planet, ecology and what humans are doing. I have great respect for you.

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