Deadly silence

This is a drawing I like a lot.

The autumn is here in Norway and soon are Haloween too. I live the atumn and how mystic and colorful it is. 

As I wrote in the my last post I like to draw drawings inspired of make up looks so here is the result of that. I’ve seen a lot of Halloween make up the last time and got inspired to draw it. I decided to draw one of the most popular one, skeleton woman.

I thought it was hard to draw it with the hole body, but it was very easy. Her face was the easiest part because I’ve seen that a lot of time. And the rest of the body was harder to draw like her hands. 

First I had no idea to use the red color but I thought it could be a bit boring , and I wanted a bit more story and mystic. I starded to use it in her eyes and some shadows. Then I put it in the tip of her hair who made a story behind the drawing. 

I hope you enjoy it!

One thought on “Deadly silence

  1. Hey Tir. Great work again. Love what you are doing with your art. The way you use the red colour makes the picture special, especially the highlights in the eyes. Great stuff. Keep it up!!!

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