Cris Pratt


Here is a new portrait of Cris Pratt, from Guardians of the galaxy. It’s my second portrait of a male. I have already drew some shadow in his face so it isn’t excatly the sketch.

I am exited to draw him and I’ll finish this drawing in max a month.

Deep under

This drawing is a drawing who where easy to draw but also very funny to draw. It hides several secrets in one picture.


I tried to draw a effect that make the manet like something who light in the dark. I did it to draw very dark at the the side of the girl who dosen’t is in the light. I also used the water around the manet and made it lighter.

To make the water effect I drew her as she was floating with her arms, and I made her hair look like it was floating.

I think she is at very deep water who is not explored. 

Maddie 3/3

Here is the final work of the Maddie drawing. It was so fun to draw and I’ll come with more portraits of someone. 

Her hair was easy to draw and it didn’t toll a lot of time, I think it’s because of the colors at it.  I have only used a black pencil  to draw it.

When you have any idea of the next person you want me to draw, write it in a comment.

This is the picture and the drawing:

Maddie 2/3


This is step 2/3 of this portrait. It is very fun to draw her and I like how I find more details every time I draw at it.

This drawing is different from the other portrait I have drawn. It is more fun to draw it, and I think it’s because of the colors and her eyes.

Her hair would surely be mor fun.

Maddie 1/3

Here is a new portrait of a known dancer with unknown name. It’s the dancer from many of SIA’s videos who many call Maddie. This is the picture of the sketch of her from the song “The Greatest”:


I’ve started to color her face and it is very fun to draw her. the colors in her face and her hair would be the funniest part to draw.

Here is a sneak peek of 2/3:


This is the picture I draw:


Mother nature


Here is a new drawing after all this time. I’m sorry I haven’t post any drawing at many days, I’ve had bad Wifi and couldn’t post this drawing. I’ve spend much time on this one and I’m going to draw more at it.

I used my white pencil, my normal pencil and a golden pen who made this drawing more alive. the flowers I used here is a flower I drew once without any picture and just my imagination. Now I use it everywhere.

I hope you like it!


The tale of wondering 3/3


Here is the final result of “Tale of wondering”.

It was hard to decide colors and were the shadows should be, but it was fun. I do love the how the window made everything more on the countryside style. the new colors like blue and red is more teenager and city style.

The story behind the drawing is like the girl at the picture move to the countryside from the city to a farm. Then the girl find a mysterious book who is written by a woman who lived at the farm in 1943, and the woman had seen many strange things in the forest. The girl try to find these things.

Maybe I’ll draw more from this little story.

The tale of wondering 2/3


The second step of this drawing. It feels so good to see the drawing with more colors.

It was hard to choosing colors, but the colors had to be a bit urban. the glasses dosen’t made her look like a smarter one but she looke like a trendy girl for me.

The book she reads is a big point in the drawing. it looks like she is wondering about something in the book, and that makes me like this drawing.

The background will be some modern and some old.

I hope you like it

The tale of wondering 1/3


This is the first step of this drawing who just started as a sketch. I wanted ro draw something I didn’t drew often, like a person in full-length sitting a room.

i had to study my own hands to draw it and it was very fun. I do belive that I’ve learned more about to draw humans now.

I’ve already started  to drew it with colors and will soon post the drawing with colors.