The Soon will Come

This drawing means a lot for me because this is a problem we all know will happen. And we say like “no worry, it is a long time to egen it will happen” or “It will happen soon not now”!

As you see at the drawing it is a women who is in two parts, present and future. The left side is what who will happen one day, and right is now. The future is tearing at the present and one time it will not be any of the present we know. And we have to do something with it.

It was kind of sad and good to draw this drawing because of all the thoughts behind it. Like why aren’t the world leaders doing any thing or why dont we stop it. 

I hope this post inspired you to do more.

Deadly silence

This is a drawing I like a lot.

The autumn is here in Norway and soon are Haloween too. I live the atumn and how mystic and colorful it is. 

As I wrote in the my last post I like to draw drawings inspired of make up looks so here is the result of that. I’ve seen a lot of Halloween make up the last time and got inspired to draw it. I decided to draw one of the most popular one, skeleton woman.

I thought it was hard to draw it with the hole body, but it was very easy. Her face was the easiest part because I’ve seen that a lot of time. And the rest of the body was harder to draw like her hands. 

First I had no idea to use the red color but I thought it could be a bit boring , and I wanted a bit more story and mystic. I starded to use it in her eyes and some shadows. Then I put it in the tip of her hair who made a story behind the drawing. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Mask on

Here is a new drawing.

It’s been a while since I postet a drawing or sketch, and that is because I used most time seeing make up than drawings. I drew less and got more inspered of this form of art. But I didn’t wanted to stop drawing because of that, then I got the idea. Why not combinate them both, in the form of drawing women with make up. 

I love to draw but I have a lot more to learn. The social media is a new kind of network who this generation is getting inspired of. I want to combine this in my art cause the world is changing.

Hope you enoy.

Plain Sketch

Here is a new sketch from my travel to UK. Sorry for not posting drawings this summer, I’ve been very busy. This is it:


I sat at the plain and was bored. I were excited to how it was in England,Cornwall , and I wanted to spend the time at the plain. That who inspired me was I kind of picture I often see. I wanted her to look more natural than my other drawings, and I think I made it.

Shall I post a blog post from my travel to Cornwall? What do you think?

Cris Pratt


Here is a new portrait of Cris Pratt, from Guardians of the galaxy. It’s my second portrait of a male. I have already drew some shadow in his face so it isn’t excatly the sketch.

I am exited to draw him and I’ll finish this drawing in max a month.

Deep under

This drawing is a drawing who where easy to draw but also very funny to draw. It hides several secrets in one picture.


I tried to draw a effect that make the manet like something who light in the dark. I did it to draw very dark at the the side of the girl who dosen’t is in the light. I also used the water around the manet and made it lighter.

To make the water effect I drew her as she was floating with her arms, and I made her hair look like it was floating.

I think she is at very deep water who is not explored. 

Maddie 3/3

Here is the final work of the Maddie drawing. It was so fun to draw and I’ll come with more portraits of someone. 

Her hair was easy to draw and it didn’t toll a lot of time, I think it’s because of the colors at it.  I have only used a black pencil  to draw it.

When you have any idea of the next person you want me to draw, write it in a comment.

This is the picture and the drawing:

Maddie 2/3


This is step 2/3 of this portrait. It is very fun to draw her and I like how I find more details every time I draw at it.

This drawing is different from the other portrait I have drawn. It is more fun to draw it, and I think it’s because of the colors and her eyes.

Her hair would surely be mor fun.

Maddie 1/3

Here is a new portrait of a known dancer with unknown name. It’s the dancer from many of SIA’s videos who many call Maddie. This is the picture of the sketch of her from the song “The Greatest”:


I’ve started to color her face and it is very fun to draw her. the colors in her face and her hair would be the funniest part to draw.

Here is a sneak peek of 2/3:


This is the picture I draw: